Another Attack on Monsanto

Evidence for the case against Monsanto.

For blatant corruption and disregard of human health and the environment.

More than 100 countries come to agreement on labelling, Monsanto undermines it with WTO.

Monsanto is trying to poison the minds of our children and pervert science, here is the truth about the lies they tell that are pro-GMO:

For that, OP LIST:

Hit lit, continued:

Facebook: & group:

David Kuhlmann is going on a hunger strike for the GMO zombiecorn and Wal-Mart. Wish him luck on his community page “Monsanto Hunger Strike” or friend him at

Plan on a de-centralized Occupation of Monsanto Facilities on September 17th, 2012.

Monsanto: no more 75% of US Food Supply! #Opseedbomb March 31st-April 1st mirror link:


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What is the Plan for Sustainability?

Via EddieMill, Occupation Urbangardener - Whatis-theplan for agriculture?

Finding three paths through natural farming: Nature, Humanity, and Ourself. The Ghandian way. Permaculture.

Youtube the basics of natural farming:

Lexi Washington, reporting.

The 99% movement is love. [Category will grow]



Occupy permaculture

KONY 2012 on Channel 2? is also coming up. Maybe it would be a good campaign to put Kony 2012 truth up on occupied times?? @EddieMill

Anonymous News Network and Occupy Israel shared a link:
5 Freedom-Killing Tactics Police Will Use to Crack Down on Protests in 2012 |

Direct Action Handbooks
when we refuse to obey our rulers, their power begins to crumble.

A nonviolent approach un- dercuts the police rationale for violence— and reveals to neutral parties the extent to which the system relies on violence and force. When dissent grows and brings force to bear, it astronomically raises the cost of continuing violence against it, until it becomes infeasible and the system breaks down.

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Strategies to stay anonymous online:
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        EddieMill Che has been my messaging mission all day important found it there are lots of good ones that this guy has up

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        Howard Kurgan here’s a good start:
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        Lexi Washington Tor for pc or mac < — we need more servers too always.

Sys Ops and theanonmessenger are good ones to have on your blogroll.  Can’t link to me though so you’re going to have to find them. Http:// also got your news and a sweet #FF up there.

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Lexi’s links from today.
The Cynical Times

ACLU | Nationwide “Because Freedom doesn’t protect itself”

Anonymous Zeitgeist Switzerland

This week in Occupy South San Francisco Case.
Daly City Community Services Center tomorrow afternoon: 1-4pm,
Forcible detainer
will send copy of the forcible detainer case for this case.

The 99% movement is love.

Creative power of the universe.


Just released: op Facebook.

From Fawkes Security: Facebook Attacks will Start May 1st

From Latest: #Oop Facebook

Occupy Monsanto.

Search the videos.

Anonymous- Fascist corrupt Monsanto

Continue DDoS. Next major op is Sept 17th, 2012.